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Brake performance can deteriorate gradually over time, so it pays to have your system checked every six-months

Many motorists rely on their annual MOT to identify defective brakes, but if you are between a service and an MOT, it’s quite possible that the performance of your brakes has deteriorated during this time.

Brake pad wear is one of the common causes of poor braking and this can lead to more costly repairs such as brake disc replacement if not dealt with.

Other symptoms such as the vehicle pulling to one side or excessive brake pedal travel can indicate faults with major brake components.

Why not put your mind at rest and book a brake check today. We can quickly replace any worn parts and see you safely on your way.

We stock brake parts from leading manufacturers such as Ferodo and Delphi, so you rest assured that any parts replaced meet with your vehicle manufacturers recommendations.

And don't forget, defective brakes are not only a safety issue but will prevent your car from passing its next MOT.

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