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Car Air-conditioning

Keep your air-conditioning working to its best potential with our vacuum test and re-gas of your system

Manufacturers recommend the air-conditioning system in your car is checked regularly, and re-gassed at least every 2-years.

However, because air-conditioning doesn’t form part of a vehicle manufacturer’s official service schedule, it’s easy to ignore this important part of vehicle maintenance.

Here’s why air-conditioning system manufacturers recommend regular re-gassing:

  • An estimated 10% of air-con gas permeates out of the system every year
  • So by the time you notice your system isn’t working as well as it should, you might have lost 70% or 80% of the gas
  • Inefficient air-conditioning systems have to work harder so your fuel consumption will rise
  • Motorists tend to think about air-conditioning efficiency in the summer months, but did you know that the warm air produced using the air-con is dry warm air, and not humid like the air outside – this means you can demist your car far quicker in winter using the air-con

So why not trust Milestones Garage to keep your air-conditioning working to its maximum effeciency all-year-round.

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