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Tyre Safety


Winter Tyre Advice

With winter now here, frosts, rain and maybe one day snow, we should all check our tyres.  The minimum depth for a tyre is 1.6mm for the centre ¾ of tread for the entire circumference of the tyre.  There should be no cuts, bulges, exposed cords or excessive perishing of the tyre.

We should also check that the tyres have worn evenly.  If the tyres have worn on the inner or outer edges this would suggest that the tracking is out and therefore should be checked.  

If you are getting a vibration through your steering wheel at varying speeds, this could be due to wheel balance.  It is advisable to have your tyres balanced at service intervals.

One of the most important parts of the tyre is the tyre pressure itself.  Low tyre pressure can cause poor fuel economy, bad handling and wearing on the edges.  High tyre pressure can also cause bad handling and excess wearing on the centre of the tread.

All of the above will also help your safety and help the tyre to last longer.  If you would like to pop in or book an appointment in advance we would gladly check your tyres for you.


How to safely run in your new tyres

You might be surprised to learn that driving on brand new tyres needs a little care and consideration.

Brand new tyres have a number of tiny vent holes on the surface as a result of the moulding process – new tyres are also incredibly smooth.

To remove these holes and prepare the smooth surface for day-to-day driving, we recommend that new tyres be run in for the first 150 to 200 miles.

Running in simply means driving at medium speeds on dry roads, whilst trying to avoid sharp cornering and hard braking.

Driving on wet roads is unavoidable sometimes, and in these conditions we recommend being extra careful during the running-in period. Wherever possible, increase the distance between you and the vehicle in front and if you use the “2-second rule”, add a bit more time.

Give yourself a little more time when approaching junctions and moderate your cornering speed.

Your new tyres should be ready to give you maximum grip and performance after 150 to 200 miles.

The tyres will have abraded and the slippery silicone agent used to release the tyres in the moulding process will have worn off.

If you are thinking of fitting winter tyres or snow tyres, try and fit these before the bad weather sets in to make sure you benefit from maximum grip and performance when you need it.