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Fri, 02/06/2015 - 09:20 -- Steve Nacci
Winter Wiper Advice

Most motorists are aware that trying to run wipers on a frozen windscreen will cause the wiper blades to degrade and produce streaks across the screen.

But here’s a TOP TIP for you about wiper blades that you may not be aware of:

If your windscreen is frozen, the wiper blades stick to the glass.  If the wipers are switched on this may cause a fuse to blow or the motor to be damaged leading to an expense which you can avoid.

Before you get into the vehicle, lift and unstick your wiper blades away from the windscreen.  

When in the vehicle, before you turn the ignition on, make sure the wipers are turned off.  Clear the screen, then use your wipers.

Don't forget as well that damaged wiper blades will need to be replaced when it comes to renewing your MOT Test Certificate.

We hope this helps and may we wish you happy motoring!

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