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Tyres Supplied and Fitted

As a leading member of the Point S tyre dealer network, we supply and fit tyres at some of the most competitive prices in the industry

Milestones Garage is one of 160 Point S dealers in the UK (2,600 worldwide), which gives our customers a number of benefits:

Centralised buying means we can provide low-low prices on main brand tyres including Continental, Michelin and Pirelli.

In fact, we supply and fit tyres Bognor Regis from more than a dozen of the worlds most recognised tyre brands and because we are independent of any manufacturer, we can offer you unbiased advice on the most appropriate tyres for your budget and vehicle.

Whether your vehicle is a car, van or truck, family saloon, sports car, hatchback, estate or 4x4, you can trust Milestones to provide the best advice, prices and service.

Have you noticed any uneven tyre wear on your car?

If you have, or if you find your car wandering a little on the road, then its highly likely that worn components could be affecting your wheel alignment.

Book your car in for wheel alignment tracking and you could benefit from the following?

  • Even tyre-wear
  • Reduced road noise
  • Better fuel consumption
  • Sharper handling, as your car manufacturer intended
  • Shorter stopping distances, especially in the wet
  • A feeling of increased safety

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